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Doggie Gifts at Woofie The Boutique

Here at Wiffy Woofies, we like to keep an eye on what great gifts are out there for your pets. What's more, we can also sell these great items direct to you, so if there's something you are after, why not give us a call and we'll order it in specially for you.

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Coats & Accessories

We have a wide variety of canine coats & accessories in our Boutique, but even if we don’t have exactly what you need – we can get it for you!

No hassle, no need to trail around shop to shop, just contact Bronnie and get your pooch the perfect poncho locally.

Car Seats

Stop your dogs from playing all over the car while you are driving them to the park, and allow them to travel in comfort and style with our wide range of in car-restraints and travel baskets.

The model pictured comprises of a fold-away bed which is secured to the car seat, and a safety strap which will clip onto any dog harness keeping your little friend safe for the journey.

Leads & Collars

It’s not very well known and rarley understood, but having the right collar & lead for your dog is so important.

There are so many different combinations available and it’s too easy to select the wrong one. We can help you understand the differences and guide you towards the correct options for you and your best friend – then simply pick your favourite colour!

Dog Beds

We all enjoy a good nights sleep, in fact, our woofies enjoy a good day’s and night’s sleep given half the chance.

Our boutique has many different Dog Beds available and one to suit all requirements. From plastic to plush soft pillows, let us know what you’re looking for....

Indoor Kennels & Crates

Crates come in many shapes and sizes, suitable for many purposes and great for house training. We will be able to guide you on timescales for using the crates and how to ensure your dog feels safe and happy. From little to large, we can help ensure you have the right crate and provide a comfortable, calm place for your pooch.

Dog Toys

Isn’t play time FUN?!!!!!! Our selection of toys are of excellent quality and design – We have puppy training aids, teething assistance, calmers and just plain & simple TOYS!

All dogs love to play, have a look at all the different fun things you can do with your dog.

Dog Food

We are very proud of our range of food and treats we have in stock, including Pro Plan, Nutriment and Arden Grange. Feeding the right type of food is important for your dog and also a very individual one, the right food can help or alleviate many ailments, including: Tooth & Gum Disease, Diabetes, Cushings, Itchy Skin, Behavioural issues and dull coats/scurf. We are very happy to discuss your individual requirements and help select the best diet for your dog.

...because you love to treat them!

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