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All about Wiffy Woofies

Each and every dog that comes to Wiffy Woofies is treated with love and given the time they need. We do not book in lots of canine visitors and the session "takes as long as it takes"

If you have a nervous pooch or one that has never been groomed, Bronnie ensures each visit is an enjoyable experience for the dogs and always grooms with care and provides great attention to detail.

We do not tie up our wiffy woofies, we handle them carefully to make sure they too enjoy the experience of being groomed.

Wiffy Woofies has been created with love and we take pride in our values, as your best friend becomes our best friend for the afternoon!

We offer a wide range of services, take a look at our Dog Grooming and Support & Other Services pages to find out more.....

Visit Our Online Shop
Visit Our Online Shop